Law 18: Grow and accept change: for the only constant in life is change.

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With the exception of inert objects, everything else changes in width, length, height or volume.  Even a person standing still is moving! As the others pass them and move forward, they are in effect ‘moving’ backwards.

When American Christopher Schole’s first typewriting machine was manufactured in 1872, he little thought that it would become the modern computer. Yet constant evolution has made it so.

Growth and the acceptance of change are crucial in your mind-set and in the achievement of wealth and success.

I remember when a German partner visited me over a decade and a half ago and saw an electric typing machine in my office and cried with horror, “You still using this museum piece?!” 

Today, with my computer I work smarter lending credence to the fact that those who do not stay abreast with change lose.

Johnnie Cass says that resisting change is so counterproductive and such a waste of energy. This reminds me of an old text on the evolution in the telecommunications sector. Remarking that some governments were resisting the privatization of their state-controlled telecoms companies, it warned that they could delay the revolution but not prevent it. And if they tried, they would merely fail more spectacularly later. 

This also applies to you. Your growth—not only through adopting new objects but also changing within—will determine your wealth and success.

It is evident that with time your needs, age, education, emotional mood, business partners, society, environment, bank rates, value of money and many others will change. Since you can’t do anything about this, the best is to accept change as inevitable and adapt your strategy when necessary and stay focused.

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