Law 23: See your journey before you: Where are you now and where do you want to be next?

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Use the law of attraction which says you can think and create things from the mind. Yes, what you focus most on is what you attract into your life. If you want to be successful in any venture, see your journey before you. The steps to doing this are:

1. Where are you now?

Evaluate your present situation with all honesty. What is your exact financial position to the last penny? Your monthly expenditures? Your budgets? Your cash flow? Your assets? Your liabilities (debt)?  

This total net worth will be your marker for your wealth and your progress. Get excited about the path you are about to embark upon.

2. Where do you want to be?

Know your exact goal.

Do you want to become a millionaire? Multimillionaire? Or you want just financial independence? Maybe an unencumbered asset base? Do you want to own 12 super cars? Or to have passive income for life?

To be able to measure your success, quantify your end goal. In this regard be specific with timescales, numbers and figures. The more real and tangible and specific you make it, the more possible it is to attracting it.

3. Have a plan

The lack of a specific plan and strategy is the main reason why many people are poor and others go bankrupt.

Fortunately you have some Laws here to guide you and you will soon get detailed specific strategies too.

Right now what is your plan? To get out of a job in the future and set up your own business? To invest in property? To leverage the skills of others to create you wealth? (More of this at Law 33). To build an empire and a legacy?

Know that age is not a barrier to becoming wealthy: Colonel Sanders got his wealth at an advanced age. Dominic McVey became a millionaire at 16! So the best time is where you are right now.   

Opportunities also are not in short supply. Those who seek find and opportunities will come to you only if you are looking for them. Therefore charting your path to wealth will sharpen your awareness to the tools, the people and the challenges you must face to get to your destination.

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