Law 42: Property and shares: Chosen carefully, they will return you long term wealth.

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Property and shares will generate long term sustainable wealth for you and for many years if you choose them carefully.

No doubt while almost half of the people on the Times 100 Rich List made their great fortunes through property, the second richest man in the world, as well as many other famous and hugely wealth people, made theirs through shares.

Property and shares make you passive income (money while you sleep) through the art of Leverage [Law 33] and the Law of compounding [Law 34].

So you will grow your wealth if you buy shares from well-performing growing companies which will return you huge dividends. Shares not only are highly liquid [you can sell them and collect profit very quickly], but also they will assure you a good spread of diversity.

In the same vein investing in property from areas of increasing growth will yield monthly cashflow [with the right strategy] as well as capital growth.
Statistics: Property has doubled in value every 710 years over the last 40.

But like any investment, shares and property are not risk free. They appreciate (increase in value) and depreciate (decrease in value), and can do you in the twinkle of an eye. Remember the crash in the 80’s and the dot com crash on the NASDAQ?

Only make investments that you understand [Law 7] and can personally control [or can control the person that controls what you buy into]. [See Law 36].

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