Law 33: Leverage: Relying on the skills and talents of others to build your own wealth.

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Leverage is when you depend on other people’s time, money and skill set to gain a greater advantage, result or wealth than you could do alone.

Take people like Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, etc. It is obvious that they don’t run their empires all on their own. They employ many people’s skills, time, money, advice, service, etc. to get their forecasted results and continue to grow their businesses and their net worth.

These are ways you can also leverage for wealth:

►Get experience from peers and bosses in your job.
►Hire a money mentor or business coach.
►Invest in property and pay your mortgage with a tenant.
►Use the internet to touch a greater audience.
►Get yourself a personal assistant.
►Use a spread sheet.
►Ride a bike.
►Use a ladder, get a piggy back...
►Have a small business on the side of your job and nurture it into a big one.
►Use drop shippers and copywriters.
► Join affiliate companies to get referrals and earn commissions.
►Do joint ventures to reach more people.
►Invest in property and shares [Law 42].
►Get professional help, but don’t forget your due diligence [Law 7] and your intuition [Law 15].  
    Remember Law 11 and the use of a mastermind team? Then look for people who have  the knowledge
   and skills you need to be wealthy and successful.
►Get other people to do what you lack the skills to do.    
►Be a great people person and never hesitate to offer great benefits to other people for their services to 
►Be a great leader. To be one:

• Never ridicule a learner.
• Only reprimand in private and when absolutely necessary.
• Always praise good work publicly.
• Be personable and care about other people.
• Always involve people in your long term vision.
• Remunerate well and reward good work financially.
• Motivate, inspire and lead by example.
• Be consistent.
• Forgive.
• Be clear of the outcome before you start [Write this down somewhere you will see it often].
• Set realistic goals: set others up for success not failure.
• Earn respect and keep respect [which may involve distance and professionalism].

Learn to master the art of leverage and you will be wealthy beyond your widest expectations, plans and goals.

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