Law 43: Multiple avenues of income: is the way you significantly increase your wealth.

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If you want to increase your wealth then earn more by the one channel through which you already make income. But to significantly increase wealth you need to create multiple streams of income.

A good example is Alan Sugar who earns large amounts of money from his many companies: on ‘The Apprentice’ and multiple streams through television, books, DVD’s, sponsorship and advertising and the future benefits that will naturally materialise.

And you, how can you create multiple streams of income around your skill and expertise? What other benefits and value can your business or skill set offer that can make your wealth explode? Open an estore. Create a website. Open more shops. Franchise your business model. Sell a part of your business. Sell education based around your skills. Reach more people. Utilise the media. Create multiple avenues of income through your investments.

The more avenues you earn from and compound, the wealthier you will become. So master the Art of earning while you sleep and be well on your journey of great wealth.

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