Law 32: Adding value: Help raise other people’s lives and your wealth will grow.

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This is the proverbial give and you will receive. Being one of the most important Laws among the 48, Johnnie Cass calls it the “Law of life”.

It is known that when we add value (financially, by service or in kind) to other people’s lives, we earn more and our lives grow. In fact, the amount of our wealth is directly proportional to the value we give other people.

Take Virgin and Google for example. We all know they are successful companies. What we maybe ignore is that they employ (give value to) thousands of employees and help (add to the lives of) millions of people whom they treat very well, both within and outside the company.
Indeed, the two companies are known to give absolutely huge value to other people.

When you are going into a deal (business, sales, wealth, investment) in all areas of life you wonder ‘what’s in it for me?’

Your partner is also thinking of the value that you will give them. If we all remember this, then you will get the very best out of people and vice versa. Never forget: great results for other people mean great results for you.

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