Grow Your Social Network With YouLikeHits

 What is YouLikeHits?

YouLikeHits was created on May 24, 2011 for growing your Social Network presence by getting more Twitter Followers, Facebook Likes, YouTube Views and Website Visits!  Since then it has grown into the biggest site of its kind.

With YouLikeHits you'll be able to promote your social profiles to REAL twitter users, REAL youtube subscribers and REAL website visitors. You also get to pick and choose who exactly you'd like to interact with. YouLikeHits don't force you to follow, like, view or interact with anyone or anything.

Why YouLikeThis?

Everybody knows the importance of social networking sites for marketing these days. So anyone who wants to sell well must maintain a strong social presence. This is why YouLikeHits was created and fortunately has become your #1 Source for social marketing.

How do YouLikeHits work?

On YouLikeThis you follow, like, view or visit other users’ content and get Points from doing so. You will then in turn set a “Payout” value for your content which will be given to users when they also follow, like, view or visit your content. Users will get 1 less Point than your set Payout. For example, if you set your Payout to 10 Points they will get 9 Points for Following your account.

Do YouLikeHits Auto-Post Status Updates without my permission?

No, YouLikeHits never auto-post anything from your accounts on any site or service. That is left to users.

Do YouLikeHits sell Followers, Likes, Friends, Subscribers or Hits?

No, YouLikeThis don’t sell Followers, Likes, Friends, Subscribers or Hits. That is all up to users.

On YouLikeHits the only way to get yourself more Likes, Views and Visits is by having Points!

Apart from following, liking, viewing or visiting other users’ contents you can also get these Points in two ways.

The second way to get Points is by referring someone to YouLikeThis

When you refer someone to YouLikeHits the system sends you a message in your History page and it’s labelled “Pending”. When the referred person becomes an active user of YouLikeHits and starts making use of their account frequently the message in your History page changes to “Approved”. Then you will begin to get your Points.

These Points will earn you FREE Twitter Followers, Tweets, MySpace Friends, YouTube Views, YouTube Subscribers, StumbleUpon Followers, LinkedIn Shares, Pinterest Followers, ReverbNation Fans, SoundCloud Followers & Website Hits! You can also get Tumblr Follows.

A third way to get Points is through buying Points

If you have no time to put in all that work to get your Points, a quick, easy and worthwhile way to boost your Social Network presence is to buy points.

How long does it take to get my purchased Points?

You get your Points within 24 hours of purchase but usually they are applied much quicker. If you paid with PayPal you simply confirm your payment through your PayPal email. If it’s taking longer than 24 hours and you feel there is an error just contact the Webmaster.

What is Premium?

Premium is a special account subscription. When your account is Premium your content will be put above everyone's content who is offering the same payout but isn't Premium. Your content will also display a green border instead of the normal white border which will make it stand out. You will also be able to set your Payouts to 15 instead of 10. This has proven to increase the speed of gaining followers, likes, views, etc by a substantial amount. You can become Premium by Liking pages and going to YouLikeThis premium page or from these packages.

Premium is a time restricted subscription. You can become Premium by Liking videos, Following people, Pinning links or spending Points. 50 Likes, 50 Follows or 50 Pins in less than 8 hours will give you 8 hours of additional Premium or 500 Points will give you 24 hours.

What should you do now?

Either click on the banner or the link below and they will take you to the YouLikeThis site to sign up and start growing your social following, increase sales and develop your organisation.

Click on the link to sign up


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