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The age of the mobile Internet has just begun. Imagine a business - global, free and unlimited. 5 Billion people on this planet own a mobile phone and 5 Billion people would love to earn money simply by using their phone. The solution is simple - right now, while you are reading this text, a group of experts is developing the PERFECT APP! 

Whenever a person, no matter where or when, is using this FREE app he/she will earn money. Whenever a person, invited by you, is using the PERFECT APP you will earn money too. You will cash in on 5 Generations deep with every usage of this useful feature. 
The PERFECT APP will show you the latest news, the best local deals, the fanciest clubs, the nearest available taxi, the best voted restaurants, the cheapest gas station and so much more, no matter where you are on this beautiful planet. 
The PERFECT APP will be released Oct 1, 2013 and you are invited to be one of the first to pre-register. 

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Imagine a company that is not only LISTENING to but DRIVEN BY its MEMBERS. A company that is SHARING SUCCESS and CREATING JOBS all around the world...

Welcome to the PERFECT INTERNET!

Finally..., there is a new and exciting way to experience the Internet. Imagine this: you start your Internet browser and find yourself on the PERFECT HOMEPAGE. 

There are POWERFUL SEARCH ENGINES, the LATEST NEWS exactly on those topics you are interested in, INSTANT MESSAGES from your friends and family, the BEST DEALS on the Internet, the EXCITING GAMES you love to play, SPAM-FREE EMAILS and USEFUL LINKS to your favorite websites - all on one page! 

Imagine receiving PRECIOUS GIFTS just for using this FREE POWERFUL TOOL as your personal homepage and VALUABLE REWARDS for inviting other free members.


You will love our secret patent-pending technology that makes our deals platforms to be a fun and exciting shopping experience.

You will find the HOTTEST deals at up to 99.9% DISCOUNT, including ELECTRONICS, JEWELRY, SMART PHONES, HOME APPLIANCES, EBOOKS, GIFTS & CRAFTS and so much more. 

You really have to EXPERIENCE THE EXCITEMENT when the PRICES GO DOWN lower and lower right in front of your very eyes. 

Also, as a free member you will receive FREE DealPOINTS; when you spend your DealPOINTS on our shopping pages, you will receive even deeper discounts of up to 100% - That’s what we call FREE SHOPPING!


WAZZUB is our own UNIQUE, FUN and EXCLUSIVE social community where our members can create their own BLOGS and CLUBS, post and watch VIDEOS, create EVENTS, share their PHOTOS, their thoughts, meet old FRIENDS and make new ones and it's totally FREE forever!

On all our pages you will find our Chat Bar conveniently located at the bottom of your screen to chat with other members in one of our chat rooms or in a private chat. You can even directly connect with your Facebook and Gtalk friends without leaving our pages.

Friendz-R-Us, our exciting social community game, is the PERFECT PLACE to make NEW FRIENDS all around the world.



At LOTTO MADNESS we play 6 INTERNATIONAL LOTTERIES with a total of 12 DRAWS PER WEEK. Win up to 10 MILLION US$ for FREE, because WE PLAY and YOU WIN!

At PRIZE MANIA you can win in one of six categories: Smart Phone, Digital Camera, Surprise Gift, Jewelry, Shopping Jackpot and Cash Jackpot. Register now for FREE and you could be the next winner in a few minutes!

Additionally, our members can vote on one FREE EBOOK per week at EEBOOX.COM and all members receive FREE DealPOINTS for shopping. You can easily see, everyone’s a winner on the PERFECT INTERNET!


GAMES, FUN and VIDEOS! You can find a lot of games at the PERFECT INTERNET to play alone or to compete with other members, like Chess, Backgammon, Darts or Pool. Simply pick your favorite games and you have them always handy on your personal home page.

“I Bet... U Lose!” is your place to BET A DIME and WIN A MILLION! Play exciting skill games one-on-one versus other members and win the chance to CASH US$1,000,000.

Wanna Be Famous? - “I Wanna Be Famous!” is the world’s first interactive GLOBAL TALENT CONTEST on the Internet. Contestants compete in 1,000’s of 1-on-1 battles where the audience votes for the winners. If you are a singer, songwriter, musician or have any other special talent, “I Wanna Be Famous!” is your place to be!


We are proud to be the first member-driven global Internet company; even our management is from members and not an acquired external management.

We have created many jobs all over the world and you will find some FREE moneymaking opportunities related to our projects. Right now we are building a global army of +CASH FLOW EXPERTS to help local retailers, restaurants and hotels to use our services.

As a website owner, you can earn some cash by displaying ads from our madvertising ads network.
When you have an idea how to make the PERFECT INTERNET even better, simply contact us!
I understand that this is a pre-registration for the PERFECT APP business. There is no obligation to buy or sell anything and there is nothing to be paid. PERFECT APP is FREE FOREVER. MY DATA IS SAFE and won't be shared with any 3rd party.

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