Monday, 9 September 2013

7 Most Common Reasons why You’re Not Getting Money Online

It’s a fact that some people are making a killing on the internet but that’s not your case. Have you wondered why? Okay, here are 7 reasons why you’re not making money from the internet.

# 1. I have no money/time

You don’t have a shortage of money or time to start a business online and become successful. Some web-based businesses are even free to start and one can succeed in them without using money. An example is SFI.

What you do have here is a shortage of IDEAS.

Now, how can you find ideas to get money or time for your online business?

First, get away from all distractions. This means that you must switch off the TV....turn off Facebook....set aside your mobile phone.....and grab a pencil and a piece of paper. Now, jot down 10 ways that you can come up with the money or time within 24 hours. You’d find that coming up with ideas to get money or time for your internet business is simpler than you think.

Now, do you have to do everything alone to gain money online? Nay! You may use a business partner. Get one from your friends (family’s or yours), your spouse, your boy- or girlfriend, or even the computer kid from next door. Important and possible? Check how mighty companies like McDonald’s, Microsoft Corporation, Facebook, Twitter, etc. started. You’d find it was not with a single person but a group.

# 2. I have no credit card

Yes, you need a credit card to do business online. Paying affiliate fees, receiving commissions, verifying your Paypal, Payza, etc. all need credit cards. But its absence should not be a snag. Payment processors like Payoneer, Neteller, etc. will give credit cards free. You may google to find other such companies or sites.

# 3. I want someone else to do everything for me for free

This’s a no, no. If you have this mentality you’re asking other people to be more committed to your business than you yourself. Neither business nor success work that way. You yourself are the architect of your life and not someone else.

# 4. I live in some remote developing world

True, living in some areas of the world isn’t conducive to doing business. But know that we’re talking about internet business here. This new information and communication technology makes it possible for anyone to do any online business from any location in the world and win money on the internet. So, this “problem” has more to do with you keeping yourself from succeeding online than the environment.

# 5. My English is really bad

Yeah, one of the arguments I use in my introductory lesson to get my French-speaking commercial students interested in my subject is to let them know that English is the language of international trade. So, is it a handicap for you? No. Remember we talked about the power of association in # 1. If you can’t really handle this language, what prevents you from taking on a partner/friend who masters it? Don’t even forget students and translators and interpreters who may also help you.

# 6. I’m afraid of all that scam on the internet

You’re right but a proverb from my people here goes that you don’t refuse to sleep simply because you’ll die one day. There’re a lot of legitimate online businesses out there to show you how to win money on the internet. Want to know them? Just check those on this site. They have been carefully selected. Should you need help deciding, simply send me a mail and help will come your way. Should you receive a link that you doubt, contact the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or run a check on google or ask in the various online forums.

# 7. I do not know how or where to start

The secret to starting anything is to start. Don’t forget, a journey of a thousand years begins with a single step. Where to start? Another proverb from here says that searching somewhere is better than taking no action at all. So start from somewhere.

Do you find your reason(s) above?

If you don’t find above the reason why you don’t gain money on the internet, then let us know it/them in the comments section.

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Good luck!

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