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Sokule is SO KULE for business

What is Sokule?

Sokule is a business friendly social media platform. It can help you to connect to other like minded people and get your business noticed quickly and effortlessly.

How do you become a Sokuler?

The Sokule platform has many parts yet you would have no difficulty getting off to a fast start. All you have to do is just follow the steps listed below sooner than you expect you’re an expert Sokuler.

Step 1 - Your profile...

First, you go to settings section (You'll find the settings link in your members area at the top of the page and in the first icon) and add your picture and bio to your postit page. Complete your profile and make and then go to the commissions section and tell Sokule the way you want them to pay you.

Step 2 - Invite people...

If you know social media advertising you know that the rule is: the more people you have following you the better your results will be. In Sokule, you will find a number of in-built systems for you to use to get trackers or followers. The first is the invite tool (You'll find the invite tool in your members area in the settings section and in the first icon section) which you can use to invite people in your existing email accounts. This should prove easy since you have had prior contact with these people.

Step 3 - Post a welcome message...

You must let other Sokulers know that you are also now a Sokuler. So, you go to the post message box and post a short welcome message. Since it is the first thing people see when they come to your posit page, you should make it a warm and inviting message.

Step 4 - Go to the icon that says Sokens...

Another great way offered you to gain followers on Sokule is the Sokens icon which enables you to start tracking other members of Sokule. Do right that by clicking “claim Sokens”. Just as on other social media platforms, the gaining of followers works on the law of reciprocity: I follow you and you feel obliged to follow me and vice versa.

Step 5 - Offer Sokens...

A third great way to get people to want to track or follow you is the Offer Sokens icon. Use it to make a compelling offer to other Sokulers. This way you build your list of followers fast.

Step 6 - Free members, setup your Friend Feed account...

You can join Sokule for free and still benefit from it. To do so, set up your Friend Feed account and put your details in; this way your posts will appear on Sokule and friendfeed.

PAID MEMBERS, of course get more from Sokule. The way to do it is to go to the Posting Sites box in Row 1 (Posting Section) of the members’ area and set up your add-on posting sites; this will make your posts from Sokule appear on all of our 80 plus Social Media sites and Targeted blogs.

Or You can have your Social Media sites set up for you Professionally and inserted into Sokule for you.
Find out More Here.

Step 7 - Tell others about Sokule...

You get an affiliate link when you sign up for Sokule. Use this to let other people know how they too can advertise their business at Sokule.

Step 8 - Visit the training section of Sokule...

Training is important in succeeding at anything you do. To make the best of your Sokule use the training section to get an overview of the site and how it works. Moreover, this section will also walk you through each of the applications.

Get People follow or track you at Sokule and you can...
Make Money
Sokule gives you multiple ways and opportunities to make money online.
  • You can earn commissions by telling people about sokule and encouraging them to signup under your reseller link. When they upgrade you earn money.
  • You can earn money by posting information about your interests or sites you belong to and your followers (trackers) upgrade under you in those programs.
  • You can use our ClickBank Marketplace application to add products to your postit affiliate page with your ClickBank affiliate ID in these products.
  • You can earn money by selling your products to our members when you purchase the small rotating text ads that appear in the members area.
  • Keep watching! Sokule will be adding more ways soon for you to earn even more money.
  • Sokule pay commissions every Friday.
    Start earning your weekly pay check now!
Do you have questions?

Then check the FAQ section of Sokule. Many of your questions are answered there. 

This is SoKule for business

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