Get Your Share of Over 60 Fabulous Freebies

You would agree that the only thing which beats a good price on anything is a freebie.

Below is a list of more than 60 freebies; believe me, it contains more free-and-carry deals than you can ever find anywhere. Don’t overlook it thinking they’re useless stuff; rather you’d find only quality goods and services, the type that you wouldn’t balk at happily dipping into your wallet for, if you aren’t doing so already. So go ahead and get FREE:

-          Investing apps, Capital gains, ETF trades, Savings Bonds, Portfolio checkup, Financial guidance, Credit report, Financial apps, Checking, Cash, Credit-card perks Sales tax, Tax software and Guidance.
-          Technology support, Software, Computer classes and Security, Digital storage space, Unlimited texting, Wi-Fi.
-          Ice cream, Food, Kids’ meals, Diet and Fitness Help.
-          Calls.
-          Flights, Flight perks, Hotel stays, Travel Apps, Tour guides.
-          Passport photos.
-          Price watcher.
-          Tuition, Money for tuition, Classes, College savings, Education apps, Language lessons, Books, E-Books, Audibooks.
-          Workouts.
-          Health care, Rx drugs.
-          Entertainment.
-          Shipping.
-          Car-buying help.
-          Grocery-shopping assistance and apps
-          Retirement planning.
-          Legal advice.
-          Birthday treats.
-          Movies, Music, TV, Concerts and performances and more.
-          Fishing.
-          Museums and parks.
-          Sports.
-          Hobbies.
-          Resume help.


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