How much do you know About Capture Pages?

Today I continue the discussion concerning email marketing with a look at capture pages.

What are capture pages?

Capture pages are web pages which are used to collect data from your prospects using a web form installed on a web site or page. If you scroll down any page of this website, you will see Aweber and web forms for people to fill in their names and email addresses. Those pieces of information will go to pages on the two sites which will take them down. Hence the name “capture page”. 

What do capture pages do?

So capture pages allow you (carrying out an email campaign) to capture your prospects’ details so as to build a list of contacts for future use (follow up, promotions, specials, offers, etc.).

Why are capture pages important?

Marketers have learnt from experience that most often (80% or more of cases) your prospect do not buy when they first see your offer. Since they may do so later (people generally buy on seeing a product for seven times), instead of letting them just go forever, you collect their data now, giving you the opportunity (their contact information) for a follow up.

It therefore follows that if you’re not following up your prospects, or at least if you’re not doing so as much as you should, you’re missing sales (about 80%) and therefore not making as much profits as you should.
However if following up does the job, however it is tedious work for you to do manually. The trick is to use a capture page and an autoresponder to help you follow up digitally. This perfectly fits the saying “work smart and not hard”. The capture page and auto responder enable you to work less, more efficiently and increase sales by about 80% and thus make a lot more money.

Which capture pages should you use?

Autoresponders offer you pre-designed capture pages. You are given the choice to pick the one that coincides with your offer or even use the editable capture pages to talk about your offer. 

What most top marketers do is offer an irresistible affiliate program using Fast Capture Pages. This allows them to sell up front, get the leads and earn commissions. Later on they profit to offer their primary deal. 

What’s the advantage of using pre built capture pages?

The advantages of such pages is their simplicity which stimulates, shocks and excites your prospects into opting in, building your list larger and faster. 

However capture pages which bring the maximum effect are those which have powerful videos and loud projecting audios. They attract attention and thus easily translate into leads.  

Which capture pages must you avoid?

Don’t use capture pages that are unimpressive and bland; they just don’t work. 

Can you get Blank Editable Capture Pages?

Yes! You just have to use the easy WYSIWYG put in any message you want and be up and running in minutes.

Can you use capture pages to promote any business?

Capture pages are ideal for promoting any business, product or service. The list is unlimited.

How much does a capture page cost? 

If you use Aweber, the first month costs you only $1 and subsequent months $19. For, there is a free 30-day trial and then a monthly payment of $19.95.

Which auto responders are the best?

Many top internet marketers widely recommend Aweber and Getresponse but I use the first and

How do you set up your capture pages?

There are easy to set up, step by step instructions. So you can get your capture pages working in three easy steps:

-  Choose your Capture Page.
- Connect your follow up system.
- Place Ads!

How do you advertise these pages?

To get your message out there, you go to your member’s area and choose an advertising method.

Do you get an affiliate program with your subscription?

Membership of some autoresponders come with an affiliate programme to enable you earn commissions too. This is the case of system.

Set up, forget and sell more

An effective capture page allied with a good auto responder can be as powerful as thousands of Sales Reps. With them you can do far more and in far less time. And best of all they put your offer in front of potential interested parties while you do other things.
If you want to share with each prospect everything they should know about your offer, then make use of captivating capture pages.

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