It’s Not the Ten Commandments of God

This is what I tell my students when I complain about their work they had not revised before handing them in and they reply that they so much love what they had written that they didn’t want to touch any part of it.    

You may ask what has this got to do with this blog?

The point is I had an appointment since three days ago to see my younger brother’s father-in-law today Sunday 15 September 2013 at 10.30 concerning their recurrent conjugal problems, the last of which took them to the police (an anathema here but being encouraged by the Organizations defending women’s rights) and last night a good friend of mine (a fellow colleague teaching computing) invited me to a get-together the same day at noon.

In Africa, a society which adores talking for hours on end, especially concerning such family problems, I wasn’t sure to be finished with the first appointment even before 2, 3 or more hours, so I told my friend to excuse me if I didn’t show up.

To my surprise, we finished the matter in about an hour (thanks to the fact that only me and my brother’s father-in-law—assisted by one of his sons of 13 children who the father had called as a witness and who hardly talked) and I got to my friend’s house at 1 pm. The party lasted up to 5 pm and I got home an hour later.

As custom demands I had to give my family feedback on my mission (with my brother’s father-in-law) and I since this is a big group, I know this will take time. Under the circumstances, I can’t find the time to write today’s post.

A blogger is advised to post constantly and I do so each day. Today is an exception, so should I be worried?

Normally yes, but posting to a blog at a certain rhythm is not the ten commandments of God. Only the ten commandments of God cannot be changed but any other thing can, hence the title of this post.

Tomorrow, I will give you an insight into African societies in the areas mentioned in this post. What has this got to do with this blog? Maybe nothing, but this blog’s theme is not the ten commandments of God.    

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