Post of Apology

On reading this title, many of you may wonder what I mean.

Just as a company feels obliged to send a Letter of Apology to a client it has disappointed in some way, today I also feel the urge to write you (my visitors and followers) a Post of Apology.


Since taking control of my blog again a couple of months ago, I have always posted a Thought of the Day and an article or a Newsletter every day. But today there is not going to be any Thought of the Day as such, nor a post or Newsletter.

In effect, I have been struggling for the past two days with putting my posts into categories to show at the top bar of the horizontal bar for ease of consulting the articles and I think I owe you (who come here or expect something to read everyday) a word of apology. You doubt remember the following blog “post”:


Well, that title was meant as a joke but not a very light one. 

In effect, I'm trying to organize my posts into blocks for ease of navigation but haven't quite got it right despite working on it up to 1 am today. So, bear with me and everything will be alright soon (in a day or two). Thanks for your comprehension. 
The French say that “La promesse est une dette,” meaning one must keep one’s promise, hence my move.

Now, do I expect to succeed in the task above?

To answer, let’s look at another Thought of the Day already posted here:

“My strategy in life is simple: I make up for a profound lack of talent by refusing to quit. That's enabled me to accomplish almost every goal I've set for myself – from winning a high school state championship in water polo (when I joined the team I had to play goalie because I could barely swim)… to achieving academic goals (I must be one of the few people with dyslexia to pursue a career as a writer)… building relationships (my wife broke up with me six times)… to building this business (early in my career, Bill Bonner, who is now my business partner, called me "hopeless").

It's amazing what you can accomplish if you simply refuse to quit.” ― Porter Stansberry

Although I have a fellow blogger’s post to guide me (Check it here), my difficulty is at Step 3. Although I’m able to put all my posts into different categories, when I try to create a page for them, I receive the same url address which therefore does not differentiate between my categories and a clink on any of them sends me to my dashboard!

But as Porter says above, I’m not giving up. I’ll get it right so that you can easily find the posts in particular categories to read.

Please, pray for me!


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