Monday, 8 July 2013

Free stuffs from real companies

A. Free trial offers

1. Get a free trial kit of the good stuff

Choose a free trial kit of Diapers and Wipes and/or our Essentials. Pay only $5.95 for shipping and handling.
You'll be automatically enrolled in our monthly service* – cancel the service at any time.Check it here:

2. Are you over 55... or do you have a loved one who is? Then you'd better take a close look at this!
Every year Uncle Sam gives away hundreds of millions of dollars in cash, goods, and services to people just like you.
All this free stuff however, is perhaps one of America's best kept secrets. Click to find out more here:

3. Select Your Dog's Breed
In order to help us provide you with information that is specific to your dog's breed, please select your dog's breed by clicking on the menu below and then click on the "Select" button.

Tip: To select your breed quickly, after you click on the menu, type the first letter of your dog's breed.

4. Join Swagbucks. The Largest Free Online Rewards Program.

5. Below is a list of websites that list free samples and free contests to enter. Prior to visiting the sites, take a minute to finish reading the article. You will find the information helpful. Then, start ordering your free samples.

Here are some good freebie sites to start with: Freakyfreddies , Fabfree , ,
At Coolfreebielinks you will have to work to pick the genuine free samples from the marketing offers. However, there are literally hundreds of offers on this site. is not aw easy to maneuver as some of the other sites. However, you can find a lot of free samples and coupons on the site. is my favorite freebie site. The owner stays on top of links, and eliminates outdated links. You can also sign up for a daily newsletter. This site includes tons of contests, too. Some of the smaller contests are easy to win for free sample type material. I have more Nair samples than I'll use in a lifetime.
Check Walmart's website. If you can't locate their sample page, type "free samples" in the search engine. Walmart updates samples frequently. I have found they ship products much more quickly than products that are sent directly from the manufacturer.

The best samples available seem to come from To receive real free samples, click on the product you like, type in your name and address and e-mail and then wait about a month. Wal-mart will never sell your e-mail to a third party and the only e-mail received as a result of signing up for these real free samples is email containing short product questionnaires which are completely optional. The Wal-Mart samples come quickly. It is not clear how often the samples on change, and a quick weekly or bi-weekly visit may keep the samples coming. On occasion popular samples may run out.

Most real free samples available on are for health and beauty products. Samples may be for contact lenses, pain relievers, shampoos, skin lotion, anti-aging lotions, feminine products, laundry detergent, baby products and cleaning products. Brands of real free samples on have included Oil of Olay, John Frieda, Advil, Huggies, Jergens and others.

On occasion the real free sample offered may be a full-sized product. For example, the WooliteOxy-deep Pod carpet cleaner was offered a couple of months ago.

Brand Web Sites
Another place to find real free samples is at the brand's web site. For example, web sites for Dove offers free samples of their health and beauty products, and the do not just limit you to trying one product. Another such site is Oil of Olay. Olay gives away real free samples of new products. In addition to contact information, fill out a quick bubble survey regarding skin care.

For free samples of common household products, visit Proctor & Gamble. They offer real free samples, coupons and some contests. The Proctor & Gamle web site may bring you to a web site for one of their brands to fill out required contact information.

1. They have all kinds of free stuff including free baby stuff, horoscopes and newsletters. Subscriptions are free.

2. Webmasters can get free stuff for their websites here. They also offer a free newsletter.

3. This newsletter is a daily one that offers free samples as well as coupons.

4. Another newsletter where you can get free samples.

5. This site offers all kinds of free stuff for people who wants to home school their children or for people who just want to help their children learn more.

6. This site offers free samples, coupons and even rebates.

7. Like free stuff, then you will like this site. Just mark off the categories that interest you.

8. This site offers free stuff, even magazines.
These sites and more can keep your at home mail box and your email box full of all kinds of fun surprises. Enjoy.


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