Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Thought Of The Day (3)

"The context of how the subscribers find you is very important in how your relationship starts.

For example, an optin subscriber coming from a Press Release, a blog post, or from reading your book, etc. sees you as an EXPERT straight from the start.

Also, there is a BIG difference in value-per-lead whether it comes from online or from OFFLINE sources.

According to John Alanis, in his business, the lifetime customer value of a lead generated online is $112, whereas one that is generated offline (e.g. through direct mail or classified ads) is $484."

Mark Anastasi, 'The Laptop Millionaire'

Stats Of The Day


36% of all email is now read on mobile phones and tablets. This represents a 132% increase on last year.
Source: Ryan Deiss, Traffic & Conversion Summit

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