How to trade on Alibaba, my number one B2B site

You have a physical or digital product to sell or maybe you are looking to buy one; how can you easily find buyers or sellers online anywhere in the world? My number one and the world’s largest B2B (Business to business) portal is Alibaba.

1. About Alibaba
The Alibaba Group was founded in 1999 by 18 people under the leadership of Jack Ma, a former English teacher from Hangzhou, China and the actual Executive Chairman. It started working out of a Hangzhou apartment. Today, Alibaba has 25 affiliated entities, employs some 24,000 people worldwide in more than 70 offices in Greater China, India, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Alibaba’s mission is “To make it easy to do business anywhere,” the vision is “To become the first platform of choice for sharing data; To be an enterprise that has the happiest employee; and To last at least 102 years.” Concerning values, Alibaba’s tenets are “customer first, employee second and shareholder third.”

2. How to buy on Alibaba
Since sourcing the right supplier or product can be tedious, Alibaba makes it simple for traders to trade with suppliers worldwide by providing a wide range of free buyer tools and services:

a. AliSourcePro

With this, a buyer posts a Buying Request, Alibaba approve it and suppliers on the site send quotes. Alibaba check them and select the best ten for the buyer. The buyer compares the different quotations, contacts their chosen supplier(s) for more details, requests samples and why not orders online.

b. Search Products
This tool enables buyers to enter the product they are looking for in the Search Bar and then click Search to find them.

c. Contact Suppliers
This tool works much in the same way as the above.

d. Check Messages
Here, the buyer checks quotes and messages from suppliers in their inbox or Message Center on the Alibaba site.

3. How to sell on Alibaba
Tools, explained by video and text, provided businesses sell are:

a. Create a Company Profile on
When doing this, it is important to display a large number of products. This is not only the first step to being found online by buyers on Alibaba, but the more products you display, the more you offer buyers and the more inquiries you would receive. A Gold Supplier Membership gives you unlimited product display with first-level priority listing.
Why is it important to display more products?
b. How to Display Products on
c. How to make a good product photo
Product listings with photos attract buyers the most on Alibaba. A seller must therefore provide professional and high-quality photos.
d. How to make a high quality product
Since high quality products can help a buyer get more exposure from potential buyers, it is important to consult the video and text tips on how to make a high quality product.
e. How to post product showcases
Product Showcase is provided exclusively for Gold Suppliers. This helps them to promote key products in their Product Showcase and get higher search rankings and up to 8x more exposure to buyers.
f. Group and sort products
This enables a seller to arrange their products into groups so that potential buyers can browse them more efficiently.
g. Site design on
Alibaba provides sellers a “Site Design” function to help them customize their premium online storefront to make it more attractive and professional to potential buyers.
h. Tips for Customized Minisite
This function allows the seller more room to design their storefront or Minisite on They can use it not only to inform buyers about their company strength, features or marketing activities without much difficulty but also better attract buyers.  
i. How to manage messages and contacts
This is a communication management tool to help the seller easily and efficiently track the messages they send and receive from other members.
j. Using Trade Manager
This is Alibaba’s instant messenger tool that alerts potential trade partners that a seller is online and ready for business. It features in instant messaging and file transfer functions.
k. Keeping your Alibaba account safe
To keep your Alibaba account safe, some effective tips provided account holders are “How to set or change Security Question, How to improve the security level of password, How to set a Sign-in seal, How to check "Last Signed In" Record”.
l. Online scams to watch out for
Guidelines are provided on the site to help members protect themselves from spam, spoofs and fraud:
m. How to recognize and deal with phising emails
Such messages are usually sent by email or by instant messenger. Alibaba provides some guidelines for members to recognize and deal with them.
4. Premium Memberships
While membership is free, Alibaba offers various premium memberships:

a. Gold Supplier
The benefits of this membership are:
·         Unlimited product display with first-level Priority Listing
·         Exclusive Access to Buyers before Free Members
·         Real-time statistical reports to understand your online performance
·         Product Showcase makes a powerful, visual impact
·         Premium Company Website attracts serious buyers
·         Verified company status to increase buyer confidence
·         Targeted exposure to tradeshow buyers worldwide
·         Promotional opportunities with global Big Buyers
b. Get Verified Membership
Alibaba designed this membership to help serious suppliers reach more quality buyers and receive more inquiries in a fast, cost-effective way.

i. Benefits of Verified Membership

  • After verification, a company’s profile and products receives higher rankings in buyer searches, feature a special trust logo to gain greater trust and reach buyers faster, and receive a special grant of 300 free product listings and free online training.

ii. How it works

Get started by submitting your detailed company information. Alibaba will then verify that your company is real and registered. Then your company will be in International trade management anytime, anywhere to:
  • Manage Product Listings / Buying Leads
  • List Company Profile
  • Access contact lists fast
  • Communicate with trade partners in real-time, and
  • Send and receive messages
iii. Start now
The world economy is in a glum, financial insecurity is a reality, markets are down, taxes are getting higher, you therefore need to pad up your business, especially if it is small, to survive.  
5. Service and tools
Alibaba provides members
● Trade Manager

Manage Contacts

This makes making contacts easy by organizing members’ contacts by groups or enabling them to easily remove them from their list.

Message box

Messages are displayed by time in a user-friendly view.

TradeManager Login History

View login history and IP address for account safety.

History Manager

Chat history is displayed by time. Now members can find it easier and faster.

Subscribers will receive Trade Alerts twice a week:

Trade Alert gives you updates on:

newly added products
trends and demand for products
supplier information
latest buying requests, etc.

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