July 10 PeerFly Featured Offers


8505. Sexpartner Norway DOI  $8.50    
8504. Sexpartner Norway SOI  $5.25    
8474. Speed Date (30+) $2.25    
8462. eDates Switzerland  $7.25    
8450. War Thunder (US, UK, CA)  $1.50
8448. Candy Crush Saga (iPhone) $1.20  
8447. Star Wars The Old Republic $1.75    
8443. World of Tanks (US, CA) Approval Only $2.25
8442. Pockie Pirates $1.20    
8429. Saucy or Sweet Dating (US, CA, UK, NZ, IR, AU) $4.50
8428. Mech Warriors Online  $1.60
8390. Unlock Your Luck CPL [ALT LP] $8.00    
8389. Unlock Your Luck CPA $32.75
8375. GlassesUSA (US, CA, UK, AU, NZ) $36.75  
8358. Hooked on Phonics  $20.50
8356. Protect Yourself   $9.75    


Hot new Exclusive Cost Per Sale Offer:
8368. Tiki Toss (US, CA) [Exclusive]

Also, check out these top performing dating offers! If you can deliver volume and quality, we can get your payouts even higher!
8429. Saucy or Sweet Dating (US, CA, UK, NZ, IR, AU) $4.50 per lead

8281. Saucy or Sweet Dating [iOS] Mobile
5530. FortyPlus Singles
5525. Mate 1 BBW Dating

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