Why You Are Not Getting Any Money Online

Let me begin this article with a confession.

It was inspired by a mail I received from Joseph Freyaldenhoven, Collective Team Marketing (CTM) Manager.

Joe said he was listening to some Vick Strizheus videos one morning and taking down some notes. Vick claimed to have made more than $700,000 in 28 days from scratch. I myself have been viewing that same powerful video yesterday and the day before it on this link: Click me!

Joe continued that he listens to Gurus like Vick to understand what they do. When Vick said “I am going to reveal to you the reason that 98 per cent fail and 2 per cent succeed online,” Joe claimed that his ears perked up and he grabbed a pen to write it down.

Joe gave it to me thus, “People fail because they do not use a lead capture page and build their lists.” And he suggested I wrote that down. I did because I am bent on earning money from the internet. I recommend you write it down too and never forget the message. That is, take action to have a lead capture page and build your lists if you want to gain money on the internet. Why? An online business succeeds on the two. Why? Simple: the money is in the lists! 

Now, let me go back to Joe. He said that he was elated! That is exactly what they teach at CTM and they have the best lead capture system bar none. I know this because I am a member. (Check it here:  collectiveteammarketing) I was also as elated as Joe because I had just paid for my membership at Traffic Wave, a great (why not, the greatest) autoresponder to get leads (Check it here: trafficwave) on the insistence of Freedownliner, a great list and downline builder. (Check it here too: freedownliner)
Joe said that he looked at his results - he had captured over 5000 leads in about 10 months.  And this list was his most responsive list. Then Joe did some thinking - how can he help their team to utilize that and make money on the internet?
He had a proposal to make to me, and it was:

If I had not made any money online - he was going to offer me this:

1. a lead capture page for Captain Hits he had created under Splash Pages Folder
2. an auto responses for Captain Hits 3 messages he had created
3. and the email he sends out
Joe claimed he averaged one sale for every 100 email opens and one optin for every 80 opens.
In that short email I learnt a lot about how to get money online. Thanks Joe. 

Do you also want to learn how to win money on the internet? Then please check the three money makers again here:

Collective Team Marketing: collectiveteammarketing
Traffic Wave: trafficwave
Freedownliner: freedownliner

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