Good News, HostGator Affiliates!

Do you ever wish you could make MORE money? If so, that's great because HostGator wants to pay you MORE for your referrals in the month of June! Our March bonus was extremely popular. So we are doing it again! We love our affiliates so we want to do whatever we can to keep supporting and encouraging you!
This is a one-time bonus for all the eligible sales you refer over the number of eligible sales referred in May.

How It Works
Increase Sales by 3     Earn an extra $50 Bonus
Increase Sales by 4-7 Earn an extra $150 Bonus
Increase Sales by 8 or more Earn an extra $400 Bonus
For example if you referred 3 customers in May, and you refer 6 in March, that's an increase of 3 sales. This means you will receive an extra $50 bonus on top of your normal commission.

Need a Hand?

Remember when we said we wanted to support our affiliates? Well, to make it easier to hit the bonus we are offering an affiliate only coupon.


The coupon is good for 30% off all hosting accounts!

How To Participate

In order to participate, fill out the form by June 21st and send more sales to HostGator. All eligible sales that you have already sent this month will be counted.

The bonus will be paid out on the normal payout schedule and requires the signups to meet existing requirements for payout.
If you can send 25+ sales consistently per month, please reach out to us at for information on additional opportunities and incentives.
Good Luck!
HostGator Affilaite Team

Check it on this blog page: Hostgator


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