Saturday, 20 July 2013

How to easily make money online

You are a blogger, internet marketer, network marketer, or a traditional business owner looking to earn money on the net with your physical or digital offers. To do so, you need the following:

  1. traffic,
  2. leads,
  3. sales and
  4. profits.

Let’s look at these one by one:

  1. Traffic
Man’s best friend is his dog but the marketers best bet is traffic, Tsunami of it. Here are some tricks to earn or boost traffic to your site so you can be sure it will be seen:

-          Sign up new members and their referrers,
-          Offer frequent prize pages with cash, credits, banners and text ads,
-          Use a rotator,
-          Use a Downline Builder for easy referrals at many other sites,
-          Subscribe to traffic exchanges,
-          Write quality articles for article publishing sites,
-          Add a YouTube video to your post, and
-          Don’t neglect the social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn …)

  1. Leads
Traffic which is not translated into leads is like a guide dog which does not bark. Here are some ways to generate leads, not just any but quality ones:

     - the referral of an existing customer, or a direct response to advertising or publicity,
     - a form on your website that visitors can fill in to request a call back,
     - a lead list based on a newsletter subscription list from another company,
     - lists from marketing agencies offering lead generation services for businesses,
     - search engines which also provide lead generation options,
     - email marketing to generate your own leads, such as through autoresponders,
     - follow up with leads to confirm their interest, especially through calls,
     - trade shows, especially for a traditional business owner
     - direct marketing, Internet marketing, gimmicks, or salespersons and prospecting
       activities such as cold calling or making a connection through a social network,
     - telemarketers and ads,
     - lead generation organizations such as BuyerZone, Eloqua, HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot,

  1. Sales
Leads which do not translate into sales are like fruit trees that do not bear fruit. They are best cast into fire and burnt. Use these techniques to get your leads to buy from you:

-          When a lead submits an inquiry on your website, respond very fast,
-          Follow-up on leads more consistently and more professionally,
-          Concentrate on qualified leads and leave out tirekickers and other time wasters,
-          Build relationships with your leads, treat them as if they were already valuable customers,
-          Hone your sales skills or those of your Sales Development reps, 
-          Focus on the prospects, concentrating on how your product will improve their lives, solve their problem, or help them in some way,
-          Enhance your website graphics to make them eye-catching and make your Call to Action clickable thing to increase click throughs.

  1. Profits
Your financial gain or excess of return over outlay is what you are looking for selling. When the above three points are adhered to and the products or services well priced, you will surely keep your head out of water.

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