Thought of the Day (20 July 2013)

Today I will like to share a very incisive mail I received. It had a profound effect on me and I hope it would yours too:

Your worst enemy against your success is yourself. Your mind must be set the right way. To help you in this matter I wrote a very simple DAP-formula.

The first D is Decision. Decide to make your success. Before you make a decision you must determine your goal. Write down the reason why you want to work online and what is your main goal.

Be realistic. If you expect to be a millionaire by noon, this is not for you.
Your goal can be, for example, to build an income stream big and secure enough to quit your day job.
Or perhaps you dream of a new boat, a vacation in a paradise or a new house or a car.
If you have a picture of it, that's even better. Place the picture somewhere to remind you every day.

The A stands for Action. This is clear and easy. Without action you are not getting anywhere. The action you take must serve you business plan.

There are no shortcuts out there. Don't hustle around, stick to the plan.

The P is Persistence. There will be times you want to quit.

As a matter of fact, most people quit. Only a tiny percent succeed and make their goals. Those few people have made strong decisions to achieve their, they have taken action the right way and they have been persistent.

You can succeed too, if you understand that failure is not an option.

aham Fielding

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