4 Dozen Laws for Creating Wealth

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The 4 Dozen Laws for Creating Wealth are adapted from the e-book 48 Laws of Wealth by Johnnie Cass. (Get the book here). Finding it a powerful blueprint for getting money, I felt I should rewrite it as articles and share them with you. Like me, I believe many are locked into poverty by their attitude of mind and getting them out of there will be my way of giving to people like Johnnie has done.

Johnnie is one of the Co-Founders of Unlimited Success, a worldwide Life Changing Company committed to helping you Create a Future You Design. He is a trained coach, NLP master practitioner and a public speaker.

I’m infinitely grateful to Johnnie for his wonderful ideas. (Visit his website here or Here

The proverbial ability to take the horse to the riverside but inability to force it to drink also holds in your desire to create wealth. If this teaching should work for you, you must believe that laws of wealth exist and apply them to make them work for you; otherwise you risk not achieving your financial dreams. It goes without saying that if you are doing the same things again and again in an attempt to create riches and not getting any financial results then you need to heed Einstein who said that:‘… insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.’

So get yourself into the right mind-set which will set you up for success right from the outset since that is what will enable you to find the ‘how to’ of financial success.

 If you faithfully apply the strategies and the Laws of wealth, you will not only be wealthy and successful but also happy and kind.

But before we delve into these laws, let’s agree on what is meant by wealth here. Certainly it is not the amount of money in your bank account; neither is it money given you, borrowed, or handed down to you but rather your ability to attract money, to find and create it to fill your empty bank account.

You would find some of these laws similar. That’s life. Isn’t your left hand similar to the right, and the eyes, ears, nostrils, breasts and legs too? Yet imagine how awkward your life would be if you didn’t have both of each!

The discussion will be structured as follows (the first parts of the titles are thankfully Johnnie’s whose writing inspired me to coin the second):

Section1: The psychology of wealth:

Law 1: Purpose: Know why you want to make money.
Law 2: Faith: Trust in yourself or a higher entity to make it against all odds.
Law 3: Passion and desire: Love what you do and wish the best for yourself.
Law 4: Belief: Trust that you can go higher and you will!
Law 5: Focus: You get what you think most about.
Law 6: Decision: Learn to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ instead of procrastinating.
Law 7: Diligence and Contingency: Plan and prepare your wealth and success.
Law 8: Persistence: Never ever give up.
Law 9: Discipline: Control yourself and your desires or urges for instant gratification.
Law 10: Commitment: Make sacrifices to achieve your goals.
Law 11: Anyone can do it. That includes You! Because money does not discriminate.
Law 12: Take personal responsibility now! Stop blaming others and circumstances.
Law 13: You, and not money, are the answer to everything.
Law 14: Have everything now: you are already well-equipped to succeed financially.
Law 15: Trust your instincts and intuition: listen to and obey your inner voice.
Law 16: Project wealth: always look one step better than your present self.
Law 17: Think BIG: small fire produces small heat and big fire gives out intense heat.
Law 18: Grow and accept change: for the only constant in life is change.
Law 19: Don’t be a sheep: don’t follow a direction because everybody else is taking it.

Section 2: Planning your wealth:

Law 20: Define what wealth means to you: how do you perceive wealth?
Law 21: Money for what?! Know exactly what you want money for.
Law 22: Ecology: make money in a clean way and avoid dirty tricks.
Law 23: See your journey before you: Where are you now and where do you want to be next?
Law 24: Be Realistic: About what you can achieve and when you can achieve it.
Law 25: Your wealth strategy: The road map that will lead you to money and wealth.
Law 26: Worst case scenario: things more often than not turn out not as anticipated.
Law 27: Know your exit strategy: when you must back out of a business before it sinks you.

Section 3: Creating your wealth:

Law 28: Teamwork: you need great people around you to help you succeed.
Law 29: Take action now! You can’t build wealth on mere intentions.
Law 30: Be Financially Literate: That is, speak and understand the language of money.
Law 31: Why you must be a ‘salesman’: Wealth is produced by sales.
Law 32: Adding value: Help raise other people’s lives and your wealth will grow.
Law 33: Leverage: Relying on the skills and talents of others to build your own wealth.
Law 34: Money attracts Money: Investing and reinvesting will bring you wealth.
Law 35: Think Long term sustainability: That’s how you become and stay wealthy.
Law 36: Know how to be good at saying no!: If it is for the best.
Law 37: Modelling: Studying the successful methods of the rich and replicating them.
Law 38: Price vs. Value: What you pay and what you get.
Law 39: Risk: Speculation, investment and gambling: Invest but don’t gamble.
Law 40: Deal making, and negotiation: Think cooperation, partnership and long term.
Law 41: The Art of borrowing money [and the rules!]: Borrow only if you must or is fruitful.
Law 42: Property and shares: Chosen carefully, they will return you long term wealth.
Law 43: Multiple avenues of income: is the way you significantly increase your wealth.
Law 44: Only buy quality: it saves you money in the long run and makes you feel/look good.
Law 45 : Work on your wealth not just in your job: Pause in your routine and plan to grow.

Section 4: Keeping and sharing your wealth:

Law 46: Remember how you got here: Through hard work so continue that way.
Law 47: Give back: pass the money on to others you feel would benefit from it.
Law 48: Pass on your knowledge: help others become wealthy too and feel good.


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