Law 10: Commitment: Make sacrifices to achieve your goals.

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It seems it was Richard Templar who said: ‘You have to work hard to get rich enough not to have to work hard.’

Wow! Read that again.

This is telling you that if you’re not madly committed to your goals you will never achieve them. Why should it be otherwise when wealth and success, just like any other human endeavour, comes at a price?

To be financially successful, you must be ready to give or give up something. This is always habits or people who hold you back such as certain friends, bosses, jobs, environments, members of the opposite sex, watching television, playing billiards or being hunched over a jug of beer in the pub, or spending hours chatting over the internet for hours on end, etc. This doesn’t mean foregoing pleasure activities but knowing which are not contributing to your life and discarding them.

You see, the rich and the successful make sacrifices by starting their day earlier than the average Joe and finishing later too. They work harder, longer, smarter and more efficiently. They don’t waste their time chasing many rabbits. They focus. They don’t regret or resent the sacrifices they make and the price they pay, because they know what they want.

To be wealthy be 100% committed to the strategies that made others wealthy!


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