What do You Need to Make Great Money Over the Web?

You know that people have been very successful marketing online and that encourages you to do the same but do you know what it really takes in order to make great money over the web?

Regardless of which category you choose, you need three extremely important things to earn from the internet.


Obviously the first thing you need is a product; not any product but one with:

a) High quality
Ask yourself if you would buy a low quality product. You wouldn’t? Then why should anyone? Therefore to get money online, you must offer high quality products.

b) Valuable information
Everybody these days is looking for valuable information in order to enhance their lives and experience. It therefore goes without saying that only products which can assure consumers this would receive their patronage. That being the case, it would be worth your while, if you are serious about earning money on the internet, to look for products which can add value to your buyers’ lives.  

c) Directly satisfying the exact needs of the potential buyers
The two qualities mentioned above alone will not assure you a killing over the web if your product does not directly meet the real needs of the consumers. Say, what is the use of a high quality, valuable ebook about a Personal Facebook Account (which is for personal use and for interaction with your own friends) to a business which is looking to build a Facebook Page (which is of various topics informational use, for interaction with clients and people sharing same passions, and of unlimited reach to interact with who decides to “Like” the page)?


A product, no matter what its quality, no matter how valuable the information it offers, and no matter how it satisfies needs, cannot sell itself. The second thing you the marketer therefore need to gain money on the internet is a sales page. This page must be attractive, well written and good converting and must be a perfect fit for your product.

a) Attractive
A user surfing the internet for a product does not really have the time nor the patience to leisurely consider each one before settling on the one which pleases them. You’ve yourself tried to find something on the web and nearly got mad at the tons of information swarming you. How did you settle on one? Evidently the one whose page was caught your eye. So make your sales pages attractive to win customers.

b) Well-written and good converting
We’ve all experienced this before: a particular web page attracts us and we delve into the information only to puff and angrily click out of it. Is that what you want for your sales pages? Then take the time to write them and let them hook the potential buyer to continue and end up where you want them to. 

c)  A perfect fit for your product
Would you try to fit square pegs into round holes? I see your shaking your head. The same goes for your sales page which must match the product you are offering.


The third requirement to gaining money online is a high converting sales funnel. This is what will skyrocket your business for sure. The sales funnel must consist of:

a. High converting squeeze page to build your list
We have already talked a bit about this. Suffice it to add that the money is in the list. Your list is your subscriber list to which you will market over and over again.
b. High quality free report, promoting your main product
You love free stuff, don’t you? So do others. Therefore to entice people to accept to consider your offer, you must accompany it with a freebie. This free report must be somehow linked to the product you are promoting. For example, if you are offering an affiliate programme, you may offer subscribers a free ebook on how to make money as an affiliate. Your prospect may not buy immediately but the information in the book may make them decide later on to patronize your product. 
c. Follow up emails that will be used to promote your main product
Yes, your free report may make your prospects come back but you will lose them as fast as a smoke in a storm if you are not following up with them. This is why some marketers say that the sale or fortune is in the follow-up. The freebie is a sort of bait but what meat would you have if the fish would not bite? Your follow up emails spur your potential buyers to take action.
d. A well-organized Minisite
Owning a website these days is key to winning money on the internet. The minisite is your showcase where you can be able to deliver the product to the buyers, display your contact information and offer some advertising materials for people to promote your product.

Okay, now that you know how to win great money on the internet, why don’t you go ahead and try it?

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