Law 16: Project wealth: always look one step better than your present self.

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The way people perceive you is how they represent you. This is especially true of potential customers or clients. And since this is vitally important to our level of success, you better ‘fake it until you make it.’

The idea is not to act fake as such. But how you dress, talk, walk; how you present yourself and hold your head; and your body language and the language you use must all be one ‘step’ ahead of your present situation. Remember, if you look wealthy people will see you as such, and that will attract wealth and wealthy people to you.

You no doubt know the adage: “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” But what you may not be aware of is that most people form an impression of you in their subconscious minds within the first 30 seconds of meeting you. Worse, they stick stubbornly to this image (wrong or correct) of you!

Although you must project yourself at a higher level, be careful not to overdo it. Shun arrogance, grotesqueness, waste or thrift and do not flaunt your wealth. Be what and who you are, only a little bit more. This is how you project the confidence, power and inner calm of the very wealthy.

Don’t forget: your appearance is your ‘packaging’ and since packaging influences the products you buy, in the same way no wealthy person will like to work with someone who looks like a bum.

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