Transformations in Dallas...

Right now…

…I'm sitting in the airport headed back to Costa Rica, just finishing the event out here in Dallas, Texas.
I have to say… these regional events have been the MOST POWERFUL events that we've had, ever in Empower Network.

I saw people change, on the inside.

I saw people reach out, and lift others up---with no thought, at all, to how it will benefit themselves.
I saw lives change.

As we head into the coming week, getting ready for our ‘crown event’ in Orlando Florida, remember that we are in the final week of the ‘Beast Launch’ and…

…getting ready to take our vision, and company to the next level.

Get your link out there, and share this with the world:

Click here for the link

REMEMBER---this is not just about you and I, this is also about the people we impact together, when we share a vision that is larger, and more magical than anything either of us have been a part of.

Let's lock arms, let's fight the forces of evil, and go out there and change the world.

Getting ready for the next level :)

Talk to you a bit later tonight.


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