Law 11: Anyone can do it: That includes You! Because money does not discriminate

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Law 4 says that anyone can become wealthy who believes it. You’ve been able to achieve something(s) in your life. Since you got there through some of the laws of wealth such as focus, belief, confidence, hard work, teamwork, commitment and concentration, you can replicate that success.

Money does not choose where to go to neither is there a shortage of it. There is even enough money out there for everyone to become multimillionaires. Did you see the recent Forbes rich list? Where a decade ago there were not any, millionaires and billionaires are mushrooming in Asia (especially China) and Africa of all places which has 55 now! (55 billionaires in Africa) This shows that you can become a millionaire irrespective of geographical location, family background, age, race, upbringing, creed, nurture, health, etc.

The secret is to believe that you can make it and then begin to use effective strategies and the Laws of wealth towards that end.


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