How come ?!

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“How come?! What am I not doing right?” is your usual reaction when your home-based or online business or blog posts or the blog itself sucks. “What are people doing right that I aren’t doing?” you wonder and feel like throwing up your arms in despair or breaking something or even slugging someone. That is, do something crazy to vent your anger and exasperation on the world for not making you a star.

I’ve been there and I know.

Scenario number 1:

You hear of people making a killing over the internet with this or that affiliate marketing company and you excitedly sign up for it, maybe even pay for gold membership or something similar which will put your earnings on autopilot. Then you anxiously wait for the next day. You open your box in high spirits to see a million sign ups only to be met by vexatious mail of people promising you heaven and earth. You bark angrily and delete all those shit energetically although you needn’t go that far to do it.

Then you wonder how the gurus do it. You learn a few tricks, like buying visitors for your site or promoting on the social sites such as even creating a fan page on Facebook. You implement all those strategies and either a few leads come in or a few sign ups or nothing at all and this time you feel like blasting the whole world into smithereens.

Again you fall on someone writing about why 98% of people fail online and you snarl angrily. “I’m doing all that darn shit they’re suggesting but getting nowhere.” Then you close the page angrily and go on to read news of the world online, while your failure still gnaws at you distantly.

Scenario number 2:

You create the next blog to take the world by storm. Eagerly you post content, having learnt as a newbie that the best strategy is to post daily, once or several times. The first thing you check each day is how many visitors have come to your site. The low numbers make your back slump and your heart sink.

You google to find out strategies to get traffic to your site, such as sharing your content on social sites, especially Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon and the rest. Eagerly you do that but the traffic only increases marginally. “What the hell is happening here!” You bare your teeth like a lion going into the kill. You wonder what the hell is the matter with you. “I’m always not lucky.” “I’m the only ones such things happen to.”

Are you? If yes, then you’re an incredibly rare species.

I’m solving this ego-denting problem by reading about successful people who have made it at home, online or blogging. While some have made it in a time to make your envy overflow, I’m quietened on learning that others have had to go through excruciating experiences, tragedies which would have made some of us give up long ago or put the fatal rope around our frail necks or stick the hell-sending gun in our mouths or point it at our heads and be done with. David Wood and David Sharpe’s stories are about how two homeless and drug-addicted guys fought their way out of hopelessness and boldly confronted many of life’s damaging blows to become the founders of the Empower Network which has made them millionaires.

Many successful people have failed many more times than you can imagine. These are the stories you need as balm for your success.

However I’m learning my lesson to take my time to achieve success from the mobile phone!

Ask yourself: the first time you subscribed to your handset how many subscribers did you have? Only a handful, no doubt, made up of family members and some close friends. You live day and night expecting someone to call you but nobody does. (Why should they when they don’t know you or your number?) You also look for people to call but you don’t have many. Then you wonder with envy how come the other people’s telephones are always ringing and how they’re always calling people. But with time your subscriber base grows and after some time what happens? Maybe your phone has reached its maximum capacity and either you look for a phone with bigger memory capacity or you go through the list one by one looking for people you can safely delete.

While before you were looking for subscribers now you’re running away from them.

I believe if you are patient and go on building your home-based or online business or blog posts or the blog itself patiently, the day will come when you’d be glad you let time do its work.

This is why I so much like former late French President François Mitterrand for saying “Donnez le temps aux temps.” An invitation to us not to force time but to let life take its own course.

This certainly doesn’t mean being passive, so be active but temper your ardour to succeed with patience. 

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