Law 12: Take personal responsibility now! Stop blaming others and circumstances.

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It is easy for you to always blame other people—the boss, your partner—or something—the weather, the neighbourhood or bad luck—or even pity yourself—‘I’m the only one it ever happens to!’—for every thing which goes wrong in your life. You yourself never go wrong and nothing is ever your fault!

On the contrary, the wealthy and successful, inventors and businesspeople accept responsibility for their acts.

They blame anything which goes wrong with their investments, in their business or in their lives on their own diligence, faith, management, persistence and following of the Laws of wealth and not on market movements, their staff, or partners, confident that for the long term their attitude and decisions will right matters. They also don’t take praise for success; but attribute it to the members of their team.

This solution focused attitude, contrary to the problem one, empowers your collaborators as they feel bolstered by success and not deflated by guilt of failure.

Know that the more you take responsibility the more you will control your life.


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