Law 15: Trust your instincts and intuition: listen to and obey your inner voice.

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All your life experiences are ‘stored’ in your subconscious. Your instincts and your intuition have also been part of you since the day you were born. They determine who you are. These therefore give you the innate ability to make shrewd judgements.

Your instinct and intuition are at work to protect you and help you. Therefore you can trust yourself and what your subconscious tells you.

If you get a bad feeling about something or somebody, the chances are that your subconscious is warning you. If the signals are strong and persistent, back out of the deal. On the contrary, a ‘good feeling’ mixed with excitement is a green light to go ahead. However you must do your due diligence. To avoid good feelings leading you into problems, when you get it do research to back up your feeling.

There is no dearth of great, honest, skilled and trusted people, so why should you risk your wealth and future by working with people you cannot trust totally.

You would treat gold and family with loving care, wouldn’t you? So must you great and trustworthy employees whom you should not only do everything to keep but also reward generously.

The three-prong strategy to getting this law right is to:

First: Listen to your inner voice.
Second: Do your diligence: look for fact and experienced advice to buttress your gut feeling.
Third: Make your informed decision.


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