Thursday, 17 October 2013

Welcome to Pennymatrix

Welcome to the World's Most Powerful Penny Matrix!       

The company for Reselling, Publishing, and Marketing.

Sell Ebooks

With Pennymatrix, you will be surprised to find out how easy, inexpensive and profitable it is to start your very own ebook store! This is learning and earning made easy!


With Pennymatrix, you can load ebooks into your store and sell them. It's easy to create your own store and start selling today!


Pennymatrix’s “Book of the Month Club” membership is exploding. Make great profits simply reading and sharing!

Start your own ebooks Store

Use the tools provided by Pennymatrix to make a fortune. Get Free domain for your store.
You can have your own store complete with website, ebook uploader and Payment Processor. Simply sell the library books or upload your personal ebooks and sell them too!

2 who get 2 - set you free !
Just Sign Up! Join the Pennymatrix Exploding Team Today! Then you get a backoffice, track genealogy and download a new and valuable ebook every month from Pennymatrix’s huge, ever-growing “interactive” library. Share it and build a team that can profit you for years. Grab one of the top spots in the Pennymatrix new matrix! It's a powerful, newly designed and unique 2 x 14 forced company matrix that is currently exploding around the globe... “An eBook-of-the-Month Club on Steriods!”

Read More about the Penny matrix powerful marketing plan.

Public Upload for Everyone!

Anyone, member or not, you can upload an ebook here and share it with others. It will be offered FREE to everyone.

Thanks and Welcome Aboard (Early)!

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