Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Newsletter #4- Dog Adoption

Dog adoption guide, check it here:Dog Adoption Guide

Dear Dog lovers.

You only need open a newspaper or magazine to be confronted with heart breaking advertisements encouraging you to adopt a dog from a rescue center or shelter.  And today, with job losses, redundancies and house foreclosures at an all-time high, it’s the pet dogs that often end up the casualties.

Dog shelters are full of unwanted pets, and the charities that run them are becoming more and more desperate to find new homes.  But this desperation has brought with it a whole new problem.  And that’s of owners taking on the responsibility of a rescue dog before discovering if it’s really the right thing to do.
It’s all very well, seeing a cute puppy or dog at the pound, giving him or her a fuss and then taking it home.  But very often, it doesn’t take long for the rot to set in, and before you can say “in your bed,” the poor dog has been returned to the home, leaving both dog and owner bewildered and upset that it could have all gone so wrong.

Alternative Strategies

This is why the dog shelters have started to adopt a different strategy.  And that’s one of asking potential owners to ask some soul searching questions and do their research before they commit to re-homing an unwanted dog.  That’s what our Dog Adoption eBook is all about.  Helping people discover what’s involved when taking on the responsibility of owning a dog, and a rescue dog at that.

After all, dogs – like people – all have their own personalities.  Not only that, but they’re shaped by their environment, actions of those around them and human behavior towards them.  Taking on a dog from a shelter requires a special kind of person, because in very many cases, dogs from shelters are a special kind of dog. 

All the Information Necessary for a Happy Doggy Adoption, Delivered Direct to Your Customer’s Inbox
We’ve put thousands of hours into creating what we think is the definitive guide to dog adoption.  Packed full of the question every potential dog adopter should ask themselves, along with the pros and cons of rehoming a dog.  

Thank You, Affiliate Team.

Dog adoption guide, check it here: Dog Adoption Guide

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