Monday, 28 October 2013

Law 8: Persistence: Never ever give up

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Life has never been a straight road. (Not knowing this will make you give up at the first hurdle.) Rather, it is full of ‘twists and turns, potholes, road blocks, diversions, wrong ways up one way streets, speed cameras, slow drivers and all manner of challenges.’ Thank you Johnnie.

As for Winston Churchill, he is famous for saying: ‘Never ever give up!’  

This is amply demonstrated by the stories of David Wood and David Sharpe, the co-founders of Empower Network. These homeless and construction steel worker dudes moved from sleeping in a van and nearly dying on drug addiction through debilitating bankruptcies to respected internet marketers who are now self-made millionaires. Had they given up they would have been dead and forgotten long ago.

Countless examples exist to remind us that ‘… every failure [is] … one step closer to [your] goal’. As Johnnie Cass says ‘with every challenge [I don’t really like to use the word failure] is a new opportunity and another step closer to your goal.’

So the best way to reach your financial goal is to be patient, to be focused and to keep on keeping on.

To finish, let’s hear Michael Jordan: ‘I have failed over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.’


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